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A Christmas Cowell


For the first time since X-Factor began releasing the winners single a week before Christmas,and so ensuring an X-factor number 1 regardless of who sang it or weather the song was any good or not,there may be an Xmas number 1 single that isn’t from the X-factor show.

A campaign started on facebook to stop x-factor and Simon Cowell dominating what was once a competitive Christmas market to claim the Christmas number 1,may well succeed, the Facebook group,rage against the machine – RATM started out small,but within a week had grown to nearly half a million members,the story was soon taken up by the media.

Last year a similar campaign was started on facebook,using Jeff Buckley’s version of ‘Hallelujah’ to try and topple Alexandra Burkes version of the song to number one,unfortunately that time ,the sales were no where near enough to stop Cowell and X-Factor.

This year the campaign seems to have more momentum,with Cowells total domination of the single and album charts throughout the 3 month run of X-factor,its clear a large section of the public have had enough.

The songs.

Joe McElderry – The Climb (Miley Cyrus cover version)

Simon Cowell and X-factor have a full 12 months between each show,12 months to write an original track,yet year in year out they just take a popular song and cover it,and this year is no exception,a song by Miley Cyrus which charted this year,is being used as the winners song,no wonder people are fed up,feed the dumbest of dogs enough crap and eventually they will bite the hand that feeds.

Rage Against The Machine – Killing in the name

Is the first single from their debut self titled album first released in 1992.

The song was obviously chosen because of the name of the band,rage against the (Cowell) machine,the band themselves were not connected to the campaign,but have since been made aware of it and are donating all album sales resulting from the publicity to charity,plus collecting donations for the charity group shelter when people download their single

What does Simon Cowell have to say..

“It’s stupid – a cynical campaign aimed at me which is going to spoil the party.”

He said the contestants would suffer not him, and added: “It’s incredibly dismissive of people who watch and enjoy the show. It treats them as if they are stupid.”

He says that like the X-Factor winner has a divine right to have the Christmas number 1 single,the Christmas number 1 single battle is a British tradition that was seasonally fought out between rival bands/singers and novelty acts,but since the X-factor,the yearly “Who will be number 1 at Christmas?” has all but finished as we hand over the Christmas number one crown to the latest X-factor winner singing another bland cover version.

Cowell also treats the public as if they are stupid every week on X-Factor,slating Jedward for weeks then saving them over someone who could actually hold a note or two in Lucie Jones.

Source: The Sun

“If you take me out of the equation, you have a teenager with his first single being attacked by a huge hate mob on Facebook. It almost feels like a little kid being bullied. It feels like a spiteful campaign aimed at an 18-year-old who won a talent competition.

“It’s David versus Goliath and it’s not fair on Joe. It’s getting out of hand.”

TV’s biggest bully calls the facebook campaigners bullies? David v Goliath? I don’t think he even sees the irony in that comment,the whole campaign is based on the fact that he and X-factor are the Goliath’s,and the David’s of the music industry don’t get a look in.

What does Cheryl Cole (The Nations sweetheart) have to say..

“I would be devastated to see Joe lose out. He put his heart and soul into every single week of The X Factor.

“I cannot bear to see him lose to a mean campaign that has nothing to do with his efforts.

“If that song, or should I say campaign, by an American group is our Christmas No1 I’ll be gutted for him and our charts.”

Source: The Sun

Joe put his heart and soul into singing a bland Miley Cyrus cover version?

So she doesn’t want an American group topping the Christmas charts but shes quite happy for an American song topping the charts,as long as its sung by little geordie Joe of course.

Gutted for the charts? The UK charts are being ruined by Simon Cowell,not by some facebook campaign.

geordie joe

Lets hope by Sunday its Rage Against The Machine that is number one,and not Little Geordie Joe,lets also hope that this campaign is just the start,the UK music scene has been one of the UK’s greatest exports,with some great bands and singers showing their talent off to the rest of the world,now the only thing we seem to sell are the likes of Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle. Its a sad indictment of the music industry when someone like Susan Boyle can release an album of cover versions and looks on course to be the biggest selling album of the year in both the UK and the USA.

When Simon Cowell took over our TV’s and airwaves that really was the day the music died.


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