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Celebs on Keek

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There is a new and unique social network,and it’s name is Keek,although it has been around since 2011,it has taken time to take off and reach out to the mass market,which is almost where it is at now,if you haven’t already heard of it,you will soon.

Keeks are videos,36 seconds long,the site owner has refused to say exactly why he chose 36 seconds as the video length,but it is about right for the sites purpose,which is to post a quick video update of what is happening in your life.

Like twitter,Keek relies on the contribution of celebrities for its success,but unlike twitter,it doesn’t yet have the number of celebrities on board to take the site to twitter and facebook proportions,but it is happening as more and more celebrities sign up all the time and share their daily video updates.

Keek is the perfect social network to view on mobiles and tablets,you can download the android keek app here,while apple tablet/mobile owners can download the app here.

Which celebrities post on keek?

The kardashians have really taken to Keek and most of the family are in the top 10 most popular,Kendall Jenner has the most followers (1,663,458 and counting). Kim,Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are also in the top 10 most followed celebs.

Are there any UK celebrities posting on Keek?

So far not so many,Kelly Brook is a regular Keeker,a few of the TOWIE girls post on Keek and most of the Geordie Shore cast,a few soap stars have also joined up,like Wallis day (Listen to Wallis sing),Brooke Vincent and Holly Jay Bowes,but while all have made keeks,they aren’t as yet regular keekers.

But if you’re interested in the daily goings on of Victoria Justice,Ariana Grande,or even Stephen Baldwin,then Join Keek today!

The most viewed Keek of all time (Posted by Kim Kardashian)

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