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Facebook 1 – 0 Simon Cowell


Liverpool got beat by bottom club Portsmouth,Man Utd got hammered 3-0 by Fulham,but without doubt the best result of the weekend was Rage Against The Machine beating Joe McElderry to the Christmas number one.

Simon Cowell thinks he can just release any old crap and the public will buy it,and 450.000 mugs did,but it wasn’t enough as over half a million people downloaded the RATM single to secure the number one spot.

Will Cowell be just as lazy next year and put out a bland cover version? Or will he make an effort and source some quality song writers to release an original song? My bet is he won’t learn from this,he will go with the safe/lazy option.

There is already talk of another campaign next year,with even some suggesting Joe McElderry “The Climb” as the chosen track,to topple Simons new X-factor winner in 2010,though that would be funny,the money would all go to Cowell,so perhaps not a good idea after all.

I quite like this idea.. quoted from

The temptation might be to pour a lot of time and effort into creating a catchy anti-X Factor anthem, but the smartest counter-move would be to release something short, cheap and throwaway that isn’t even a proper song at all. I propose a track called Simon Cowell: Shit for Ears, which consists of a couple of eight-year-olds droning the phrase “Simon Cowell, sh*t for ears” four times in a row in the most deliberately tuneless manner possible. It should last only about 15 seconds or so. Quick enough to register; brief enough not to outstay its welcome.

Cowell has no interest in music,only money,which is why his stranglehold on the charts for 3 months of the year is a bad thing,which is why campaigns like this one are important.

Of course he will take this on his big square chin and laugh it off,but you just know inside he won’t be laughing.

The shift in power from the TV to the internet is an interesting one,a 3 month prime time advert on ITV for the X-Factor winner with 19 million people watching the X-factor final,and Joe still couldn’t secure the Christmas number 1.

Lets hope this shift continues.


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