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Jade Ellis Gets Voted Off/Stitched Up By X-factor

jade ellis

From the outfit,to the song,to the choreography,it looks like Jade has been stitched up this week,I would be very surprised if she isn’t in the bottom two.

So there we have it,Jade is gone,how did this happen? Well after Saturdays performance it was inevitable she would be in the bottom two.

So what reasons did the judges give for voting her off,the voting went with the mentors,Louis kept his act Union J and Tulisa kept her act Jade,but what of Nicole,she said Jade had one of her favourite voices in the competition,but went with Union J anyway.

So it was 2-1 against Jade,only Barlow could save her,Barlow who puts so much emphasis on the best singers staying in the competition,how was he going to justify sending Jade home? Well he said to Union J that although he may of been critical in the past he knows what is coming for them and it’s all good whereas he questioned Jades commitment adding that he thinks that he wants it for her more than she wants it for herself,questioning her ambition and reasons for being on the show,which translated means,Union J,the producers are happy with the amount of press and social media interest you are creating and have more plans for you,Jade it is your time to go,sorry about that,but thanks for everything and exit stage left.

This is the first week this series it hasn’t gone to deadlock,which almost certainly means it was Union J at the bottom of the polls,which is why they used the judges vote to get rid of Jade to get the result they wanted. If I am wrong I will update this post at the end of the series when they release the phone votes to say I am wrong.

Here are Jades best bits..


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