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Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand (****)

hang them high

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross have become public enemy numbers one and two in the eyes of the mainstream media and tabloids,why? Because they made a prank phone call to Andrew Sachs.

Prank Call In Full

You may remember Andrew sachs from playing Manuel in Fawlty Towers,and is most well known for that,and not The Bill as has been suggested.

andrew sachs

The story goes that Russell (Well known womaniser who famously appeared on The Bill) slept with Andrew Sachs grand daughter Georgina Baillie,who is a dancer and dances under the name Voluptua in burlesque dance troupe ,The Satanic Sluts.

Russell and Jonathan,on Jonathan’s radio 2 show,made a pre-arranged telephone call to Andrew Sachs,but only got the answer machine,so instead of just leaving it there they decided to leave a message,in fact they ended up phoning up 3 times and leaving 3 messages. (See above video for content of the calls)

Of course they shouldn’t of left those messages,but it was meant as a joke,no malice was intended,apologies all round (Which have been given) should of sufficed,but no,thats not enough for the blood hungry tabloids and media,whipping their readers and viewers up into a frenzy,nearly 30 thousand of them picked up a phone to make a complaint to the BBC. (When the show went out live,apparently only 2 complaints were made,only since the media got hold of the story has the other 29.998 complaints come in).

The result of all this is,Russell Brand has quit radio 2,Jonathan Ross’s friday night show has been suspended until further notice. Isn’t everyone getting things a little out of proportion? I mean just a tad?

Its been the lead story on every news channel,even newsnight has been “seriously” discussing it.

Aren’t there wars going on somewhere? Isn’t there an important election in the USA or something coming up? Is Ali Bastian still in The Bill?

I don’t believe that, other than Daily mail readers, that Mr and Mrs Joe and Joan average are that bothered,yes like me they may agree the joke was ill advised,but a joke it was,nothing more nothing less.

Lets hope both Jonathan and Russell are back on our TV screens soon,because they are two of the UK’s most talented broadcasters,yes they may tread the line of what is and isn’t acceptable sometimes,but thats what makes them funny,take away that and we will end up with GMTV becoming a 24 hour show.