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MK1 a go go

Against my prediction MK1 ended up in the bottom two this week,the other whom I did predict was Kye Sones,I already had my headline worked out “BYE BYE KYE” I was that convinced Kye would go.

Reasons why I thought Kye would go.

1: He is boring,more boring than Barlow even,and that is boring.
2: He is not commercial
3: He just looks like the bloke down the pub,the bloke who gets up to do karaoke on a friday night,the one you don’t really notice inbetween bar visits.

So Mk1 got voted off via deadlock,the judges producers could of saved them but chose not to,done to placate Barlow who would of only had cheesy Chris left.

Here are their best bits…..


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