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Simon Says

simon not so simple


After weeks of saying how bad the twins are,and threatening to leave the country if they win,and reminding us that “This is a singing competition” Simon gets the chance to vote off the twins ( JEdward ).

The scene was set,JEdward and Lucie Jones were in the bottom 2,surely JEdward were going home? Especially after the previous nights fake praise from Cowell,he gambled that once he stopped knocking them the public would stop voting for them,its worked before and it worked again,so now we just have to sit back and watch as they make their final performance. Just to reassure us,Simon tells us before the sing off that he will forget all past performances and judge them both on this one song.

Lucie sings Whitney Houstons One moment in time,while JEdward sing Robbie Williams Rock DJ (again). Lucie sang well,while JEdward jumped around like a couple of kids high on E numbers,this one was in the bag for Lucie,wasn’t it?

Louis voted for his act,JEdward ,and Danni for hers,Lucie,Cheryl voted to send home JEdward ,so inevitably it was left to Simon,Simon the arch enemy of JEdward ,Simon the champion for the art of singing.If Simon votes to send home JEdward ,they are gone,but if he votes Lucie ,it goes to deadlock.

He hums he ahhhs,suddenly its not looking good for Lucie,Simon forgets what he said all of five minutes ago about judging it on this “one” performance and sends it to Deadlock!!! (Knowing full well who has the least votes)

Lucie starts to cry,she knows her fate.and predictably Dermot opens the envelope to reveal her name,Lucie is gone and JEdward are saved.

Cowell didn’t save them because as he said “Who would i like to see again next week? JEdward ” He saved them for the ratings,for the controversy,for the publicity,and for the extra cash that all that generates for Cowell PLC.

While i accept its an entertainment show,it shouldn’t be entertainment at the contestants expense,it wasn’t fair on Lucie or JEdward ,he reduces a girl to tears on national TV and subjects JEdward to the inevitable backlash and even more abuse than they get already,but its all ok in Cowells world,as long as he gets more column inches in the press.


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