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The First Of The Gang To Die

jade goody

Jade Goody ( June 1981 – 22 March 2009 )

Since her first appearance on big brother in 2002,she divided opinion. In the house she was tolerated,but outside the house she was hated,partly because they perceived her as thick and vulgar,more so because of her bullying of fellow house mate Sophie.

Public opinion outside the house changed after her “BJ with PJ” and his subsequent rejection of her,and she went on to make it through to the final night finishing 4th.

After leaving the house she became the most successful of all big brother/reality TV stars,she made a lot of money from her perfume “shh”,she released a successful autobiography,and appeared on her own reality TV show for Living TV.

She appeared on another reality TV show for channel 5 in 2004,but again ,her bullying nature came to the fore,with countless arguments with this time,celebrities,her main target being Rick Waller,of pop idol fame. Upon leaving the house she was very apologetic and surprised at her own behaviour.

The public forgave her,and everything in her life was going well,she had two children with Jeff Brazier,before they split and she got together with Jack Tweedy,everything in her personal and professional life seemed great until she agreed to go back to big brother and appear on celebrity big brother in 2007.

She went onto the show as surprise guests with her mum and Jack Tweedy,to say she made an impact would be an understatement. Once her mum was voted out of the house,Jades bullying nature would rear its ugly head again,this time her target (amongst others,as she wasn’t the only one) was Shilpa Shetty,an Indian actress who very few people in the UK had heard of before the show. This time though Jade ,along with model Danielle Lloyd and singer Jo O’Meara,wasn’t just accused of bullying,she was also accused of racism.

The story made the headlines,not just in this country,but in India too,as Shilpa was a huge star over there,and while Shilpa went onto win celebrity big brother,Jades career in the media was in effect all but over. Big brothers biggest star was hung out to dry by the people that had created her.

Jade laid low for a couple of years,until she was invited to appear on India’s version of big brother called Big Boss,ironically presented by (Her now friend) Shilpa Shetty. She saw this as her chance to prove to everyone that she had been misrepresented,but unfortunately for Jade,she never got the chance,only a couple of days into the show,she was given the news that she had cancer,and was removed from the show and returned to the UK.

Although she was diagnosed with cervical cancer,because she was so young,nobody myself included,thought she wouldn’t survive it,but when she pulled out of a panto she was appearing in over christmas to have some chemotherapy,it appeared she had a real fight on her hands,unfortunately for Jade,by February,the cancer had spread and she was told by doctors,that it was terminal and she had maybe weeks left to live.

jade and jack

Jade lived her last few months in the public eye,she said she did it to raise money for her sons,and awareness for the cancer,in that she managed to do both,her sons will be financially secure for the rest of their lives,and since Jades cancer became public,the amount of women going for a test,has gone up by 20%.

Her insistence on remaining in the media right up to her death angered many,she married Jack,and had her two sons christened,making a lot of money in the process from magazine deals.

But take away the media,and what you had was a very scared 27 year old women,about to leave two young kids motherless,facing the last few weeks of her life,knowing she was about to die,but she faced that like everything else in her life,head on.

R.I.P Jade


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