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Top Of The Pops 22nd February 1980

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The Show

Presented by Peter Powell

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Rainbow All Night Long Chart rundown

Hot dog, she’s my baby, hot dog, drives me crazy


Shakin Stevens – Hot Dog (not the one shown)

Shaky here in what was his first appearance on Top of the pops ,doing his best Elvis impersonation.

Oh your hair is beautiful

blondie atomic

Blondie – Atomic

Debbie Harry and the band in their official video with one of their most memorable songs. Blondie were a classic band of their era making some classic tunes that are still played today.

The video has her dressed in what looks like a black plastic bag doing robotic dancing with what looks like a daft Punk wannabe.

C’mon mek me said don’t mess around on ya

the beat

The Beat – Hands Off… She’s Mine

The Beat are an often forgotten two tone band from that era,but they did make some good songs like this one that have stood the test of time. Interesting fact: The Beat had to change their name in America to The English Beat as there was already a band of that name over there.

Buy the fake and sell whats real

buggles plastic age

The Buggles – Living in the Plastic Age

Another outing for Trevor,the buggles and the marigolds.

Only one thing I wanna do,I wanna get back home to you

The tourists on top of the pops

The Tourists – So Good To Be Back Home Again

It’s the Annie & Dave show again,well not actually,Dave is at the back,we have someone else up front with Annie,and if I could be bothered to google I could tell you who it is,but I can’t.

Can’t you see, it’s the chemistry

fern kinney

Fern Kinney – Together We Are Beautiful

Lovely tune from Fern,she doesn’t look like a popstar but she sure sings like one.

Kiss me I just gotta say

ramones on top of the pops

Ramones – Baby I love you

Another slice of post punk pop from the punk pioneers.

Interesting fact: The group’s name came from Paul Ramon, the pseudonym Paul McCartney used to check into hotels with back when the Beatles were known as the Silver Beatles.

Hey this super song

whispers top of the pops

The Whispers – And the beat goes on (Danced to by legs & co)

Legs & Co get to strut their stuff yet again,as it’s disco they went with the sparkley trousers doing their best choreographed disco dancing.

Interesting fact: The Whispers released their first single in 1969 and their last one in 1997.

Yeah, maybe it would be better If I telephoned

cliff top of thr pops

Cliff Richard – Carrie

Cliff had a bit of a career resurgence in the late 70s,with songs like carrie and wired for sound,both written by scottish singer songwriter BA Robertson.

Puller here at the Bottle Top, whiskey, dancing, disco hop

iron maiden top of the pops

Iron Maiden – Running Free

Allegedly the maiden were playing live on Top of the pops,unheard of back then as all bands were made to mime.

Son my life is over, but yours has just begun

Kenny Rogers – Coward of the county

A second week at number one for Kenny.

Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers (End credits.)

Top 30 Charts

30: Rainbow – All night long
29: Madness – My girl
28: Stiff little fingers – At the edge
27: Jefferson Starship – Jane
26: Matchbox – Buzz buzz a diddle it
25: Peter Gabriel – Games without frontiers
24: Kool and the gang – Too hot
23: Fern Kinney – Together we are beautiful
22: New musik – Living by numbers
21: Selecter – Three minute hero
20: Queen – Save me
19: Joe jackson – It’s different fro girls
18: Buggles – The plastic age
17: Styx – Babe
16: The Shadows – Riders in the sky
15: The Regents – 7teen
14: Marti Webb – Take that look off your face
13: Jon & vangelis – I hear you now
12: Michael Jackson – Rock with you
11: The Nolans – I’m in the mood for dancing
10: The Tourists – So good to be back home again
9: Elvis Costello – I can’t stand up for falling down
8: The Ramones – Baby I love you
7: Boomtown rats – Someone’s looking at you
6: Cliff Richard – Carrie
5: Captain Beaky – Captain Beaky
4: The Specials – Too much too young
3: Blondie – Atomic
2: The Whispers – And the beat goes on
1: Kenny Rogers – Coward of the county


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