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Top of the pops 7th Aug 1980

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Presented by Peter Powell with guest presenter Elton John.

The first show back after the musicians strike which lasted for 2 months.

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You have to laugh or else you cry

tom hark

The Piranhas – Tom Hark

Poppy little ditty from The Piranhas opens the show. With some shirtless bloke at the front hitting some drums with some fish,I assume Piranhas.

You’re giving love instinctively

diana ross

Diana Ross – Upside down

Classic disco from Diana who became a huge success as a solo artist after leaving The Supremes.

They playing Oh Yeah on the radio

roxy music

Roxy Music – Oh Yeah (On The Radio)

Bryan Ferry the most handsome man in pop,well he was regarded as so at the time,and as handsome as he was,it took me ages to get a good screencap of him where he didn’t look like he was having a seizure. This is Roxy slipping into their middle of the road 80s music.

We-be funkin for Jamaica

legs and co

Tom Browne – Funkin’ For Jamaica (Performed by Legs & Co)

I have no recollection of this song at all. The performance by legs & co would never make it onto prime time TV these days. 😉

Are you getting enough of what makes you happy?

hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate – Are You Getting Enough (Not the top of the pops version)

Errol Brown who died recently in May aged 71 here in his prime,with one of his lesser known songs,dressed in lycra pants,looking as disco as it gets in 1980. Not even pretending that he isn’t miming as he isn’t even using a mic.

My knees are skakin’ baby

kelly marie

Kelly Marie – Feels like I’m in love (not the one shown)

Kelly now 57,real name”Jacqueline McKinnon”,here singing her one and only hit song,got her to number one aswell. Good tune that stands up even today,the kind of poppy bobby tune they should be singing on X-factor instead of the endless repeated dirge they sing every year.

Say oops upside your head say oops upside your head

gap band

Gap Band – Oops Upside Your Head

Memorable song,but not a great song,lets hear it now,Say oops upside your head say oops upside your head,Say oops upside your head say oops upside your head,Say oops upside your head say oops upside your head etc

Maria mi amor

gibson brothers top of the pops

Gibson Brothers – Marianna

The Gibson Brothers hailed from the West Indies,but moved to France and produced a few hit singles,including this one,Marianna. I must admit having never heard it previously,to rather liking it,a full on party song for the top of pops studios.

Nighttime is the right time

sheena easton morning train

Sheena Easton – 9 to 5

Sheena got into music via a reality TV show called Big Time,a show geared towards turning ordinary people into celebs. Almost overnight Sheena became a star. This song only got to number 3 in the UK,but topped the American charts where she was to have an even bigger career than she did here,even getting to duet with the likes of Prince.

Fat man don’t like you

lip up fatty

Bad Manners – Lip up fatty

Love this song,Don’t call me fatman,fat man don’t like you!

The gods may throw the dice


Abba – Winner takes it all

This weeks number one,the song is allegedly about the divorce of Anna and Bjorn,although Anna denies that was the case.

A 1999 poll for channel 5 voted the winner takes it all Britains favourite Abba song.

Charts for 3rd Aug 1980


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