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Tribute to Scott Weiland (1967-2015)


On December 3, 2015, Scott Weiland, singer of the highly popular grunge/rock band Stone Temple Pilots, was found dead on his tour bus in Bloomington, Minnesota. No underlying cause of death was immediately given. Police later confirmed during a search of Weiland’s tour bus, small amounts of cocaine were found in the bedroom where Weiland was discovered dead.

The first 5 albums by Stone Temple Pilots have sold a combined 17+ million copies, just in the USA alone.

1992 – STP – Core

1994 – STP – Purple

1996 – STP – Tiny Music…Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop

1998 – Scott Weiland – 12 Bar Blues

1999 STP – No. 4

2001 STP – Shangri-La Dee Da

2004 Velvet Revolver (with Slash from Guns ‘N’ Roses) – Contraband

2007 Velvet Revolver – Libertad

2008 Scott Weiland – “Happy” In Galoshes

2010 – Stone Temple Pilots

2015 Scott Weiland – Blaster


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