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X-Factor 2011 Voting Percentages

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Janet Devlin topped the voting for the first four weeks,it was only the introduction of Amelia Lily that stopped her winning run as she then went on to top the next two weeks votes,Little Mix topped the voting for the first time in week 7,followed again by Amelia Lily in week 8,Little Mix topped the voting in both the semi final and final,runner up Marcus Collins never topped the voting once,in fact up until the semi final he only once finished in the top two and that was in week 5.

Week 1

Judges vote.

Amelia Lily,James Michael,JonJo Kerr and 2 Shoes sent home by their mentors.

Week 2

Janet Devlin: 23.6%
The Risk: 10.9%
Sophie Habibis: 8.9%
Little Mix: 8.7%
Misha B: 7.8%
Craig Colton: 6.9%
Marcus Collins: 6.8%
Johnny Robinson: 6.5%
Sami Brookes: 6.2%
Kitty Brucknell: 5.9%
Frankie Cocozza: 5.2%
Nu Vibe: 2.6%

(Nu Vibe sent home by the judges)

Week 3

Janet Devlin: 17.2%
Johnny Robinson: 17.1%
Misha B: 11.8%
Marcus Collins: 11.2%
The Risk: 8.3%
Little Mix: 6.0%
Frankie Cocozza: 6.0%
Craig Colton: 6.0%
Sophie Habibis: 5.8%
Sami Brookes: 5.6%
Kitty Brucknell: 5.0%

(Sami Brookes sent home by the judges)

Week 4

Janet Devlin: 14.7%
Little Mix: 13.7%
Craig Colton: 13.0%
Kitty Brucknell: 12.9%
Johnny Robinson: 12.2%
Marcus Collins: 10.1%
The Risk: 7.2%
Frankie Cocozza: 5.7%
Sophie Habibis: 5.4%
Misha B: 5.1%

(Sophie Habibis sent home by the judges)

Week 5

Janet Devlin: 18.0%
Marcus Collins: 16.0%
Misha B: 12.2%
Little Mix: 11.9%
Craig Colton: 10.1%
Frankie Cocozza: 8.7%
Johnny Robinson: 8.3%
Kitty Brucknell: 7.6%
The Risk: 7.2%

(The Risk eliminated by public vote,Johnny Robinson sent home by the judges)

Week 6 (vote back in after Frankie Cocozza was removed from the show)

Amelia Lily: 48.8%
James Michael: 26.7%
JonJo Kerr: 13.2%
2 Shoes: 11.3%

Week 6

Amelia Lily: 27.4%
Janet Devlin: 17.4%
Little Mix: 15.3%
Marcus Collins: 12.9%
Craig Colton: 10.6%
Kitty Brucknell: 8.4%
Misha B: 8.0%

(Kitty Brucknell sent home by the judges)

Week 7

Little Mix: 26.1%
Misha B: 22.5%
Janet Devlin: 14.8%
Marcus Collins: 14.4%
Amelia Lily: 11.3%
Craig Colton: 10.9%

(Craig Colton sent home by the judges)

Week 8

Amelia Lily: 23.8%
Little Mix: 22.4%
Marcus Collins: 21.0%
Janet Devlin: 18.3%
Misha B: 14.5%

(Janet Devlin sent home by the judges)

Semi Final

Little Mix: 34.4%
Marcus Collins: 24.0%
Amelia Lily: 21.4%
Misha B: 20.2%

(Misha B voted out)

The Final (Part 1)
Little Mix: 39.0%
Marcus Collins: 34.5%
Amelia Lily: 26.5%

(Amelia Lily voted out)

The Final (Part 2)

Little Mix: 48.3%
Marcus Collins: 42.8%
Amelia Lily (carried over from before the freeze): 8.9%

Little Mix win the X-Factor.


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