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X-Factor Halloween special as sponsored by skyfall the movie

x factor halloween

I wasn’t looking forward to the show this week,although to be fair that is pretty much the feeling I have every week,but this wasn’t just any week,this was Halloween.

First up we had..

Bang Boom Crash

Kye Sones sang Robbie William’s Let me entertain you (video)

get off my cloud

In his VT we have Kye and Gary mulling over last weeks “brilliant” performance and wondering why he still ended up in the bottom two,here’s a clue,it was boring,boring like Barlow,anyway,the result of this chat was to try to make Kye more interesting by giving him an up tempo number,unfortunately for Kye it isn’t the songs that are the problem,it is the fact that he has no personality,no x-factor if you like.

So this week all the contestants get to meet Robbie Williams,Kye was all excited as you might expect,but nervous at the same time because he had chosen a Robbie song to sing,”Let me entertain you” I let out an audible sigh when I heard,luckily during the live show he didn’t go as far as wearing the make up,but otherwise he had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at him to try to make an impression on the public,surrounded by lots of dancers,Kye strutting around the stage,walking into the audience like a rock star,judges praising him like he was the next Robbie Williams,will he still be in the bottom two this week? Hopefully!

It’s not quite a Jaguar

Union J sang Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams (Video)

you won't get me i'm part of the union

They appear on stage a top a car,yes a real car,why it was there I am not sure,I didn’t know the song so maybe it had something to do with that or the video,or maybe it was just a random prop from the random props department.

Song and performance were boyband boyband,comments were good from the judges,safe this week.

Team Robbie

Rylan Clark sang Toxic/Horny/Poison Medley (video)

team robbie

They start the VT with Rylan and Gary Barlow having a chance meeting on some stairs,luckily for us there was a camera crew there at that precise moment to record it,they have a brief exchange about the Robbie Williams tweet in support of Rylan and they carry on about their way,one up stairs,one down stairs.

It was also Rylans birthday this week,he got the sexy Nicole to sing happy birthday to him,Marilyn Monroe style. (This was the highlight of the whole show,it is all downhill from here).

Arhhhggghhhhhh mash ups again,they hurt my brain. He will be here next week,he promised Gary he will try to sing a proper song if he is kept in,only a suggestion but perhaps in a singing competition,singing properly is what should be done from week 1.

She’s Sixteen

Ella Henderson sang Evanescence’s Bring me to life (Video)


Sixteen year old Ella reminded us yet again that she is 16,in her VT,and on stage and during the judges comments,luckily Barlow stepped in and put a stop to all this sixteen talk and stated that she is an adult competing with adults and should be treated equally,or something like that.

Her performance was done in a different key to the original song,some negative comments from the judges but she will be safe.

Fag Ash Breath

Christopher Maloney sang I Died in your arms tonight (Video)


Another 80s classic from Chris,It is only a matter of time before he does Rick Astleys,Never gonna give you up,complete with Astley dance moves.

No mention of cheese from the judges this week which was a bit of a disappointment,but we did learn that Tulisa smokes when Gary commented on her fag ash breath.

Monster Mash Up

District3 sang Every breath you take/Beautiful Monster Medley (Video)

whoop whoop

Another mash up,even the judges commented that they are getting fed up with them,good,so are we,it is us that have to suffer them every bleedin week!

They came on stage dressed like characters out of a clockwork orange,though I don’t think they or the judges understood the reference,you would of thought they would of asked in make up or something.

The performance was all over the place with lots of jumping around and “whoop whoops” And with negative comments from the judges they could be in trouble this week.

Little Muffin

Jahmene Douglas sang The Fugees Killing me softly (Video)

it's just a pic

In his VT this week Jahmene got to meet and perform for Samuel L. Jackson who said afterwards “Oh, man, I will never forgive your ass for this shit. This is some fucked-up repugnant shit” well actually he didn’t,that was just a quote from his character Jules in Pulp Fiction,but it was what I was thinking and hoping he would say.

Jahmene sang killing me softly,without all his usual vocal gymnastics,which was better,what wasn’t better was him adding the word “her” into the song where the word “his” usually goes,I get why they did it what with Jahmene being male and all but it became more annoying as the song went on,distracting.

Safe as houses is Jahmene,he will be here till the final,not because he is good,but just because it is obvious the producers want him there.

Rhythm Aint A Dancer

Jade Ellis sang Sugababes Freak like me (Video)

bottom two

From the outfit,to the song,to the choreography,it looks like Jade has been stitched up this week,I would be very surprised if she isn’t in the bottom two.


James Arthur sang The Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Video)

dreams are not made of this

James sang sweet dreams,a song which seems to be sung almost annually by someone or other on x-factor,dressed like the singer from My Chemical Romance,he gave his usual happy interpretation of popular songs,the judges raved,but,I just don’t get it,another for the final four so it seems.

No Show

If your wondering where Lucy Spraggan was,she was ill this week so she was given a bye.


Summing up,in danger this week,Kye obviously,District3 and Jade,I think they put enough effort in to keeping Kye safe this week so my prediction for the bottom two are District3 and Jade Ellis,with Jade to be voted off by the judges.


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