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X-Factor NOT on I-Player yet so no full review this week

rylan on xfactor

So another week another x-factor,this week Lucy Spraggan pulled out of the show as she is still to ill to perform,she was never going to win anyway,so it is no great loss.

This week I have to resort to watching the performances on the x-factor youtube channel,the first thing I noticed was that the performances of both boy bands have not been uploaded,they did this to District 3 the other week and it didn’t affect their bottom 2 status in the show,but I don’t know,what with both missing in action on youtube,it seems possibly that the producers are trying to spin it to get rid of one of them this week.

A Battle of the boybands bottom 2 would be TV gold for them.



Rylan Clark sang Hung Up/Gimme Gimme Gimme Medley (Video)

Gary still very negative about Rylan,so he is safe for another week.

Last orders for the pub singer?


Kye Sones sang The New Radicals Always Get What You Give (Video)

New hair,positive comments,energetic performance,please don’t vote for him again.

Don’t sing it cos it hurts (My ears)


James Arthur sang No Doubt’s Don’t Speak (Video)

Welcome to the James Arthur concert,well that is how Tulisa described his performance,he got unanimous praise again from all the other judges too,they really want him in the final.

Boom Boom Boom


Ella Henderson sang Katy Perry’s Firework (Video)

A slowed down performance of firework on bonfire weekend,not pitch perfect but better than anything that had gone before.

I’m Listening


Jahmene Douglas sang Beyonce’s Listen (Video)

Jahmene seems to have learnt how to control his voice,he is not as warbly as he was when he first started on the show,the world class comment that we hear every year for at least one of the contestants was uttered by Louis,I wouldn’t go that far,but it was better.

Tears of a clown


Christopher Maloney sang Eric Carmen’s All By Myself (Video)

Once upon a time the show closer,pimp slot,would guarantee you safe the following week but since they changed the voting set up with the lines now open at the start of the show,before anyone has even performed it throws a huge spanner into the works and you’re half reliant on a bit of a fanbase,does Chris have enough of one,I think probably,maybe,but I am not sure,it could be bottom 2 this week.

So there it is,without seeing the VTs which can have more influence than the actual performance,it is hard for me to predict a bottom two this week and with both boybands videos missing on youtube it makes it even harder,my instincts say one of the boybands will go this week,which one I don’t know,of those that I have seen Chris & Kye are the most vulnerable.


2 thoughts on “X-Factor NOT on I-Player yet so no full review this week

  1. Just concerning the title re. iPlayer and X Factor. This show will never be on the iPlayer as the BBC own & run the iPlayer and ITV run their own service called ITV Player.

    Just pointing out this little factual error. 😛

  2. Oh yeah,I meant ITV player,I wondered why we were getting so much traffic for it,obviously everyone else making the same mistake typing x-factor Iplayer into google. 🙂

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