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X-Factor week 2

week 2

Michael Jackson week,or boring ballad week as its better known.

The bottom two was completely predictable,other than that as im typing this on Sunday night i have very little memory of the show,other than that Eoghan Quigg has a face that belongs to a fat kid and Austin Drage makes Dermot look tall,which must make Austin a midget.

Laura White

You Are Not Alone
Ruth Lorenzo
I just can’t stop loving you
The way you make me feel
Rachel Hylton
Dirty Diana
Austin Drage
Billie Jean
Alexandra Burke
Il be there
Diana Vickers
Man in the mirror
Eoghan Quigg

Daniel Evans
One day in your life
Heal the world
Scott Bruton
Shes out of my life

Bottom two

Girlband got voted off via the “dramatic” DEADLOCK!!! Simon must of already known the result to allow it to go to deadlock,as girlband were as bad as anything that has ever appeared on X-factor,so theres no way he would risk losing Ruth (Who can at least sing) in favour of the hapless girlband.

Ruth Lorenzo
Purple Rain

Final Thought
(Simon Cowell Stylee)
Would Daniel Evans have made it on to the show if his wife hadn’t died giving birth to his daughter?
Is it exploitation?
Is the show better off without the sob/exploitation stories?
Most definitely.