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X-Factor week 3 (Big Band)


The Songs

Austin Drage
Mack The Knife
Diana Vickers
Alexandra Burke
Aint that a kick in the head
Rachel Hylton
I feel Good
Ruth Lorenzo
Laura White
Not sure of the title
Eoghan Quigg
Daniel Evans
The lady is a tramp
Scott Bruton
Thats Life

Scott Brutton was the one voted off this week,despite me tipping him to win in week 1..

My comments in this post.

if i had to choose only one now,it would be Scott Bruton as he seems to tick all the x-factor boxes

Being in the bottom two with Daniel he knew he never stood a chance,not because Daniel was a better singer,but because he knew,Daniel was about to play the “dead wife ” card,although i can understand why Daniel sang the song he sang,and i believe his motives for doing so were genuine,surely he must of known that to do so in the sing off would be unfair on the person he was up against,no matter how badly he sang,or how well Scott sang,he was always going to go through on sentiment alone.

With Louis in tears,Scott never stood a chance,not that he would of gone on to win the show,as he is clearly one of the weaker singers,and he never really had a story/selling point for the producers to get their teeth and VT’s into.

The fairest thing to have done would of been to let it go to deadlock,and let the public decide it.

Charity Song

Help for heroes by the cast of X-factor