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Celebrity Color Contacts

Celebrities have been at the forefront of the new colored contact trend

Which Celebrity Wears Color Contacts The Best?

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Exclusive Celebrity Color Contact Before & After Picture Video:

The Kardashians, Britney Spears and Nina Dobrev are just a few of the big names who are part of headlining this new trend. The above video goes into more detail how celebrities are headlining the trend, which celebs are doing it, and is complete with before and after pictures.

Some are even selfies which I bet they took with a selfie drone.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is one of the celebs who likes to wear blue contacts over her naturally brown eyes. Which do you like better?

Jamie Lynn Spears

She seems to have rubbed off on her younger sister who also experiments with colored lenses in the above photo.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba doesn’t seem to wear the lenses much in her daily life but she has worn them for movie roles, including the one above. Does anyone recognize which movie this still shot is from?

Kanye West

Even Kanye West likes to don the occasional colored lens. Watch the video at the top of the page to find out why, but he had his lenses custom made for a specific occasion.

Kim Kardashian

Again lens use runs in the family with Kanye’s wife Kim donning colored lenses on multiple occasions, see the above picture for detail.

Lindsay Lohan

Even Lindsay Lohan seems to be infatuated with the colored lens trend as you can see above.

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev went as far as to be a spokesperson for the colored contact company Air Optix and likes posting Instagram selfies and red carpet photos where she is wearing her color contacts.

More Nina Dobrev wearing colored lenses.

North West

Even baby North West seems to be wearing the lenses. Is he really or is it just photoshop? We’ll never know.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom looking fine wearing some colored lenses as well.

Which Celeb Wears Colored Lenses The Best? Let Us Know Your Thoughts By Taking The Poll At The Top Of The Page

Which celebrity would you like to see wearing colored lenses next? Is this a trend that should keep up or should they keep their natural eyes.. What about regular people, and what will you do next?

I am personally hoping it becomes a trend since the color is fun and adds a pop to any outfit.


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