Please read before posting!
    1: Please do not post any adult content.

    What is adult material? If what your about to post isn't shown on eastenders,that means it is post-watershed and viewed as adult material,so if its not something you see on eastenders,don't post it.


    Strategically covered nudity
    Sheer or see-through clothing
    Lewd or provocative poses
    Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches

    Don't post anything that includes any of the above.

    2: Please do not post links that contain adult images or links to sites or forums that contain adult images.
    3: Please do not post images of under 16's.
    4: Please do not post sexual references about children (under 16's) even if they are celebrities.
    5: Please make sure that you post is in the correct section.
    6: Please state the celebrity name & what photoshoot if possible.
    7: Please search before making a post,so no double up post are made.
    8: Banned images.
    The Sun, The News of The World, The Times, The Sunday Times,Fabulous magazine, Playboy Inc, FHM, Elle & ElleGirl, High quality Getty images, Zoo magazine,Camera Press (All image sizes), 'GoffPhotos',Images from paysites, especially Internet models.

    9: Please use thumbnails,Full size images will be deleted.
    10: Please use a image host to post your pics. Hot linking isn't allowed.
    11: Please do not use pay-per-click hosts such as usercash, shareapic etc All posts made using pay-per-click hosts and link re-directors will be deleted
    12: Please do try to date all image sets,if your unsure of the date,just add date unknown. (You can add the date in the title or the post)
    13: Safe For Work: Please tag all uploads as safe for work,all posts not tagged safe for work will be deleted.
    14: Code Stealing: Please upload all content yourself,any Post using stolen code from elsewhere will be deleted.
    15: Be polite: Show respect to other members of the forum,Insulting or abusive language is not allowed.
    16: Please don't post collections,it makes it harder to moderate and pick out pictures that break the forum rules. Post picture sets only.

Allowed Image Host List

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Best for single direct link to image uploads

minus (Good for things like signatures/avatars)

(When uploading please ensure that all uploads are Safe For Work)

Please follow the rules. If members keep breaking the rules,your account will be deleted.