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Top 10 snapchats to follow 2016

With an ever increasing number of celebs joining snapchat, I thought a list was needed to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Not every celebs snapchat is interesting, or even worthy of clicking on, so here is my top 10 people to follow. Not many in my top 10 are super famous, or even known by the majority of casual celebrity watchers, but they make the list because they post daily and are interesting enough to click on.

!: Caroline Vreeland (cvxx)

Her bio classes her as a model / singer, she does a bit of both in her snaps, but mostly modelling, with an aspiration to be a singer, probably won’t happen, but she’s a pretty enough woman to make a career out of modelling alone. She also drinks wine, a lot.

2: Lilah Parsons (lilah_parsons)

English MTV presenter and model, charmingly beautiful in her snaps and worth a follow.

3: Emma Miller (emmamilleruk)

I don’t watch it but apparently she has been in Made in Chelsea, she is also a social butterfly who appears almost daily at events at home and abroad while writing blogs for her website and filming for her youtube channel.

4: Ashley Benson (benzo33)

Ashley has always been a big supporter of new social media platforms, she was a regular poster on keek when keek was the big thing to post on, but now she’s turned to snapchat, and a very welcome addition she is too.

5: Christina Milian (cmilianofficial)

Christina was the Rihanna of her day, singing and writing songs for the likes of JLO, now she still sings, but she also appears in her own reality tv show called “Turned Up” doing things on camera I would never have expected of her, but then seeing some of her snaps it isn’t that surprising.

6: Shay Mitchell (officialshaym)

Shay co-star of Pretty Little Liars with Ashley Benson who also made this top 10, both of whom naturally feature in each others snaps quite a lot. She’s fun to watch and pretty to look at.

7: Daniella Monet (daniemo)

Danielle videos mostly feature her on car journeys chatting about anything and everything. She is currently making vegan videos for her youtube,

8: Lucinda Aragon (onthelucy)

She was in a TV show called the Bachelor , but that’s not where I got to know her from, she was in one of Caroline Vreelands videos I think, or on her instagram or something, I can’t remember, but if you don’t know who she is, or even if you do , follow her.

9: Jasmine Waltz (jazzywaltz)

Former big brother contestant and ex of Lee Ryan, not really a good reason to follow her, but she’s more fun in real life than she was on TV.

10: Chiara Ferragni (chiaraferragni)

Fashion designer and blogger ( She spends most of her time traveling the world and appearing at fashion shows and lounging on beaches.

5 famous people who don’t post often but are worth following

1: Victoria Justice (victoriajustice)
2: Bella Thorne (bellathornedab)
3: Jessica Alba (jessicamalba)
4: Vanessa Hudgens (gypsybanessa)
5: Diana Vickers (dianavicks)

Famous people who post a lot but will get on your nerves

1: Ariana Grande (moonlightbae)
2: Kylie Jenner (kylizzlemynizzl)
3: Everyone from TOWIE


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