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Who is the sexiest Big brother babe of all time?


Vote Result

Chanelle Hayes – 168
Imogen Thomas – 114
Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace – 59
Nikki Grahame – 59
Kate Lawler – 29
Emily Parr – 26
Shell Jubin – 25
Orlaith Mcallister – 24
Sam Heuston – 21
Vanessa Nimmo – 19
Michelle Bass – 13
Grace Adams Short – 12
Makosi Musambasi – 12
Tania Do-Nascimento – 11
Amy Alexander – 9
Anouska Golebiewski – 9
Saskia Howard Clark – 9
Amanda Marchant – 8
Melanie Hill – 8
Charley Uchea – 7
Nush Nowak – 7
Samantha Marchant – 6
Jade Goody – 5
Jennie Corner – 5
Sophie Pritchard – 5
Narinder Kaur – 4
Claire Strutton – 3
Elizabeth Woodcock – 3
Helen Adams – 3
Lea Walker – 3
Shabnam Paryani – 2
Susie Verrico – 2
Becki Seddiki – 1
Nicky Maxwell – 1
Steph Smith – 1

Total Votes – 693


23 thoughts on “Who is the sexiest Big brother babe of all time?

  1. Wheres emilia she would easily win and its a general opinion that imogen would knock spots of channelle who the ell is voting come on

  2. Emilia wasn’t included as the list is of regular big brothers only,to start including celebrity hijack,would mean also including the likes of chantelle and danielle lloyd from the celebrity version,so it was best to keep it simple with big brothers 1 to 8.

  3. Polls like these are a waste of time,chanelle will always come top,her multi voting fans put in a lot of hours making sure she does..The only genuine poll for chanelle, was when she came top for brits least talented,a poll the chanelle fans had no control over.

  4. pippi, this poll doesn’t allow multi-voting. You are seeing the genuine results of one vote per viewer.

  5. Tina , so is my good friend jp45 telling lies when she says she has voted many times on this poll?

  6. Tina..It’s not a genuine poll lol,if it was, imogen would top it..I’ll proove it to you.Look at poor old elizabeth stuck at the bottom there with no votes,I’ll give her 2 votes so that she doesnt feel left out lol.

  7. Well I was only allowed 1 vote, so I dont see how anyone can complain, is it because it isn’t going the way some had hoped, and Chanelle is more popular than some would lead others to believe, and I think it’s quite childish that some are using Chanelle fans names to post, be brave and give your own ZAT DS:BB posting names. (MMT)

  8. As a borderline lunatic foolishly released on help in the community I spend my days obsessing over my latest stalker target. I can’t wait to marry Chanelle then I can freely root through her bins looking for her discarded panties to sniff.

  9. you can vote more than once on ALL polls if you know how to do it. thats why chanelle always comes out on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh I see the ZAT’s are still annoyed that Chanelle is winning and they are still using Chanelle fans names, come on tell us how to vote more than once, is that why Nikki is above Ais.

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