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X-Factor – 2008

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As much as i dislike the X-factor,as a celebrity site i thought it only right that we should cover it,so i will try my best to sit and watch it every week,and keep you all updated with the latest sob stories,and not forgetting what they are really there for which is the singing.

The Final 12.

Cheryl Cole – Females

* Diana Vickers
* Alexandra Burke
* Laura White

Simon Cowell – Males

* Scott Bruton
* Eoghan Quigg
* Austin Drage

Dannii Minogue – Over 25s

* Rachel Hylton
* Danny Evans
* Suzie Furlonger

I couldn’t find a video of Suzie’s audition,but shes in the above top 24 audition stage video.

Louis Walsh – Groups

* Bad Lashes
* GirlBand

Those are the runners and riders,as i haven’t watched a single episode of the so called auditions,i am not familiar with any of them,so come this Saturdays live show i will be seeing them all for the first time.

Groups never win,so you can discount Louis Walshe’s chances,nor do attractive girls,so Cheryl Cole stands no chance either,so expect the winner to come from Simons (Males) or Danni’s (Over 25’s).

Let the crying game begin.